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Audi uses headhunters to find drivers for the new Audi A8.

Audi sets out in search of suitable drivers for its latest model: the new A8.
 The A8 is a high-end luxury sedan with a target group that is particulary hard to reach. To contact these people, Audi Belgium joins forces with renowned recruitment agency Sthree. In a new campaign with the slogan “Don’t call us for a test drive, our headhunters will call you”, Sthree goes looking for profiles eligible for a test drive with the new A8.

Shared values such as quality and innovation form the basis for this partnership between Audi and Sthree. Sthree brings the most qualified professionals into contact with high level companies and will use this speciality here to find the perfect test drivers for the new Audi A8. The Audi Contact Center in Belgium will then invite the selected candidates for an exclusive, 24-hour test drive. The approach will allow Audi to find the right target audience; profiles which would otherwise be difficult to reach.

The campaign, which features the headline “Don’t call us for a test drive, our headhunters will call you”, will start with posters, print and online bannering. In addition, an emailing campaign has also been planned that will personally invite each selected profile for a VIP test drive.

Note: Those who haven’t been contacted by SThree can put themselves on the radar via #testAudiA8 on Twitter. These profiles will also be thoroughly screened by Sthree’s headhunters before being called by Audi.


Advertiser: Audi Import Belgium    

Client: Philippe Gheeraert, Hubert Hollemaert      

Campaign: Launch 2013 Audi A8

Concept Agency: DDB Brussels   

Creative Director: Peter Ampe    

Creative Team: Rom&John     

Strategic team: Dominique Poncin & Maarten Van Daele    

Account Team: Axelle de Terwangne & Kirsten Vanderbeke       

Online team: Geert Desager, Emilie Piret & Simon De Pauw

Partners: Sthree, RCA, Emakina, Mojuice 

IKEA is known for its smart ways of making design affordable for everyone. One of the secrets behind IKEA’s success is its flat packaging. By making each pack as small as possible, both packaging and transport becomes a lot less expensive – which benefits the consumer.

IKEA and DDB Brussels have now applied this principle to their most recent ad campaign. The November kitchen promotion has been made nice and compact, by reducing the entire radio ad to a single text message.

How does it work? A short, 10-second ad asks listeners to text the word “kitchen” to 8807 in order to receive the entire promotion. A couple of seconds later, they get a text back, providing them with IKEA’s complete kitchen offer.


Advertiser: IKEA Belgium
Clients: Peter Jongert ; Christine Van den Winckel
Campaign: Sms Radio Kitchen
Concept Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Danny Vissers – Peter Ampe
Copywriter FR: Jonathan d’Oultremont
Strategic team: Dominique Poncin – Maarten Van Daele
Account Team: Francis Lippens – Kaat De Brandt
Production manager: Brigitte Verduyckt
Radio production: Sonicville
Partner for mobile: CM telecom
Media: radio, mobile phone
On air: 08/11/2013

Dogs need at least one good walk a day to stay healthy and fit. To encourage these walks, Pedigree promoted several city walks in Brussels and Ghent making use of JCDecaux and Clear Channel’s bus shelter advertising network.

In total, dog owners have seven different walks to choose from. Specially adapted posters will guide you from one bus stop to the next, covering 1 to 2.5 km. The posters also have a promotional aspect, inviting participants to share their experiences along the way via Pedigree’s Facebook page. As such, enthusiastic walkers have the chance to win a free Pedigree sample pack.

In Flanders, one family in four owns a dog. Dogs have a lot to offer: friendship, protection, the pleasure of walking, companionship. In turn, however, our precious pets require attention. Every dog needs a daily walk lasting anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour. Even if your beloved pooch has a garden to run around in, it still needs to be taken out for a walk every day as this offers it the chance to soak up new impressions.

The various walks can be found online on www.pedigreewandeling.be

Note: This campaign was developed in the framework of the OOH!Awards, where the concept won gold in June for the best 2x2 campaign.


Campaign: Pedigree Stadswandeling
Client: Pedigree Belgium (Mars Belgium)
Marketing Manager : Lisa Smet
Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creation: Gertjan De Smet
Strategic Planner: Maarten Van Daele
Account team : Francis Lippens, Chloé Naessens, Kirsten Vanderbeke, Anita Jerez
Digital production: Bert Gybels
Graphic Design: Coraline Barbe, Gregory Klarfeld
Production company: JCDecaux, Clear Channel
Media : outdoor, social media

Ray-Ban Belgium and DDB Brussels have launched a new campaign, that makes creative use of public transportation to communicate Ray-Ban’s wide range of polarized color lenses: from sky blue to hot pink.

In all Belgian’s major cities, trams have been redesigned into “Ray-Ban Test-Drive Trams” that let you discover the city through different Ray-Ban color lenses.

Tapping into the use of filters on mobile platforms like Instagram, posters inside the tram invite travellers to share their pictures of the city with #nofilterjustrayban.

Discover the full campaign on www.nofilterjustrayban.com






Campaign: #nofilterjustrayban
Agency: DDB Brussels
Client: Ray-Ban Belgium (Luxottica Group)
Marketing Manager: Dagmar Sleuwaegen
Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creation: Gertjan De Smet
Account Manager: Gertjan De Smet
Strategic planner: Maarten Van Daele
Head of Digital: Geert Desager
Online producer: Simon De Pauw, Sevenedge
Experience Architect: Maarten Breda
Graphic Designer: Arnaud Hemroulle
Production company: Lijncom, JCDecaux, Clear Channel
Photographer: Mary-Ann Koninckx, Yannick Tielemans
Media: website, transit, social media

Volkswagen and DDB Brussels attach wobblers to meteo-cams.

Belgians always have the weather on their minds. The proof: each month up to 3 million people consult the images of meteo-cams on the Belgian coast. Volkswagen and DDB Brussels respond nifty to this matter by introducing a new medium: the so-called meteo-wobblers. The wobblers are actually banners that have been attached to the webcams.

The wobblers can now be seen for the first time via the live images of webcamsaanzee.be. As another sunny weekend has been predicted, the wobblers promote the new Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio - a car designed to enjoy the sun to its fullest. By simply clicking on the wobbler, a test drive with the New Beetle Cabrio can be booked. The action adds up to the innovative character of Volkswagen.


Advertiser   Volkswagen
Customer Intelligence & Marketing Manager   Nicolas Deturck
Advertising Manager   Tony Peetermans
Brand   Volkswagen
Titles     Meteo-Wobbler
Concept Agency    DDB Brussels
Creative Director   Peter Ampe
Creative Team  Rom&John, Peter Ampe
Lay out   Arnaud Hemroulle
Strategic Planner   Maarten Van Daele
Account Team     Sylvie De Couvreur, Filiz Temur, Quentin Maryns
Online Project Manager   Emilie Piret
On air     July 2013

After 2 years at Publicis Brussels, Francis Lippens joins DDB Brussels again to oversee the agencies’ FMCG and retail business. Proud to have him back on the team!

Follow Francis on Twitter @FrancisLippens or connect on LinkedIn.

VW Caddy Maxi - Park Assist: The Long Goodbye

VW and DDB Brussels have launched a new TV commercial for the Caddy Maxi, Volkswagen’s spacious family van.

Discover how VW’s Park Assist technology makes a mother’s heart beat faster.


Advertiser:  Volkswagen (CVI) Belgium
Client(s):  Marc Donner
Brand:   Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Campaign:  Caddy Park Assist : The Long Goodbye
Agency:  DDB Brussels
Creative Director:  Peter Ampe
Creative Team:  Rom&John
Account Director:  Sylvie De Couvreur
Account Manager: Maxime Tys
Head of Strategy: Dominique Poncin
TV Producer:  Brigitte Verduyckt
Director: Manu Coeman
Production: Latcho Drom
Sound: Sonicville
Media buyer: MediaCom


DDB Brussels has launched a new recruitment campaign for creative talent via Vine, Twitters’ recently launched storytelling app. As the advertising world needs agile creatives able to convey very powerful messages in very limited amounts of time, Vine proves an ideal tool for Creative Directors needing to make a first selection. Today’s agencies need individuals who embrace and master new technologies and media, can demonstrate this and have the ability to convince recruiters - in less than 6 seconds.

“Recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking at your resume,” a study in Business Insider revealed one year ago to much surprise. 

For DDB, this was a troubling revelation. While the recruitment process is always taken to heart, we realized that we too were guilty of the same thing - and perhaps overlooking amazing talents. Recognizing that the Creative Director is probably one of the busiest people in an agency - from creative conception to managing teams, assessing ideas, attending client and internal meetings, somewhere in a packed day, new creative blood needs to be hired. It is clear where this is going and it was about time to come up with something different. 

When Vine launched, we quickly understood that this new service could become a convenient tool for recruitment purposes. All we needed to do was connect the dots. Vine presents a worthy challenge for both creative agencies & advertisers;  develop the most simple and impacting brand messaging. In an era when brands chase consumers’ short attention span, marketers must adapt. Agencies seek individuals that understand this,  and are willing to put their own individual “brand” to the test, as simple and fresh creative individuals defying conventions. Vine gives creative individuals an unique opportunity to showcase their talent. 

Today we invite all interested creatives to apply, by uploading a 6-second application-video, via Vine. In 6 seconds, applicants will convince Peter Ampe, Executive Creative Director, that they have what it takes to be a creative at DDB Brussels. 

Some more comfortable in the conventional recruiting process might be concerned that there will be no more portfolio interviews - or 6 second stares at people’s resumes. But we are convinced that this social experiment is highly relevant, and worth its’ try.


To kick-off the initiative with creative students, there is added incentive: young creatives have until May 31, 2013 to  upload their Vines, adding the hashtag #ddbexpress.

Every single #ddbexpress video that’s been posted will be reviewed and on June 3, DDB will select and announce 10 finalists. Finalists will be invited join the “DDB Express” train, direction Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Once on the “DDB Express”, the remaining 10 finalists will work on creative briefs. At each stop, creative work will be assessed, and each time, a finalist will have to leave. The last two remaining finalists will go on to the prestigious festival and be rewarded with an invitation to join the creative department of DDB.

More info: visit our Facebook page.

Recent research shows that more than 1 out of 3 Belgians watch their favorite TV shows in delayed-viewing mode. Of those viewers about 80% prefer to skip commercial breaks, posing a serious threat to the business model of TV broadcasters. DDB and Volkswagen now come up with a creative solution that rethinks the standard tv ad format. To promote the new Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio we developed the so-called ’slowmercial’. 

The slowmercial is an almost static TV commercial that works for both live- and fast-forwarded viewing. Live viewers will get to see the 30second ad showing the car slowly opening its roof, while being invited to VW’s open door days. Meanwhile the voice-over taps into the difference between live- and delayed viewing. Those who watch the ad in fast-forward mode will also see the car for a couple of seconds, showing the message as it was a print ad. No matter how this commercial is viewed, it won’t escape the viewers’ attention.

The ad will run between Belgium’s most popular - and most frequently recorded - TV-shows. And because we effectively reach both live & delayed tv-views, our “slowmercial” will have 50% more impact than an ordinary commercial.

The new format is part of Volkswagen’s Happy Drivers Days-campaign, calling VW drivers to get energized by the sun (it is spring of course). Apart from the slowmercial, there’s a radio-, print and out-of-home campaign on the menu. One thing’s for sure, the open door sales won’t stay out of sight.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB Brussels
Campaign: Happy Drivers Days: Beetle Cabrio
Marketing Manager: Nicolas Deturck
Advertising Manager: Tony Peetermans
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Rom&John, Peter Ampe
Strategy Director: Dominique Poncin
Content Strategy: Maarten Van Daele
Head of Digital: Geert Desager
Account Team: Sylvie De Couvreur, Silvie Erzeel, Quentin Maryns
Media Planning: Tom Lemaitre
TV Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt
Production Company: Compost
Sound Production: Sonicville

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